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Risk control and prevention measures
Transport Desgagnés has established a quality assurance and safety system compliant with ISM (International Safety Management) Code standards. This code adopted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) is aimed at optimizing management in order to ensure safe vessel operation and prevent pollution.
Primary ISM Code objectives
  • Ensure safety at sea, prevent injury and loss of life, and avoid environmental damage
  • Identify best practices for vessel operation and workplace safety
  • Establish measures to protect against all identified risks
  • Improve the safety management skills of personnel
  • Prepare personnel for emergencies in terms of both safety and environmental protection

The quality assurance and safety system includes:
  • A safety and environmental protection policy
  • Instructions and procedures for ensuring safe vessel operation and environmental protection in compliance with Canadian and international law
  • Clearly defined authority levels and communication channels between land and shipboard personnel
  • Procedures for reporting accidents, incidents, and noncompliance with ISM Code provisions
  • Emergency readiness procedures
  • Internal and external auditing procedures
Shipboard personnel training procedures
  • Maneuvering and piloting simulator training for captains and officers
  • Engine room simulator training for chief engineers and engineers
  • Bridge resource management training for officers
  • Personnel training on the Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS)
  • Regular emergency and spill prevention readiness exercises
Emergency procedures
To validate its emergency action plans, Transport Desgagnés regularly conducts and participates in emergency exercises with its clients and government authorities in order to act effectively in support of safety and environmental protection.
At the cutting edge of technology
Eureka shipping management software
This shipping management software program was specially developed for the management of human resources, vessels, cargo and procedures under the quality assurance and safety system established in compliance with the ISM Code.

Revolutionary in Canada, this shipping management software is based on the most sophisticated technology and is now used on all of the company's tankers.
A major innovation for Transport Desgagnés. A technological revolution for the Canadian Merchant Fleet

Specially developed to
  • Optimize shipboard personnel, vessel, and cargo management operations
  • Manage quality assurance and safety system procedures
It works by
  • Synchronizing ship and land databases using radio, satellite, and cellular communication
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